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In 2022, Fields-Green brought to life another compelling project, "Inevitable", in the heart of New York. He served as the director, producer, and star of the film, further solidifying his reputation as a multi-talented artist. His role as director saw him guiding the performances of four other actors, ensuring that each performance contributed to the overall narrative he aimed to convey.

Project Description: Damien “Bear Claw” Crane is at the top of his game. He’s the reigning champion in his MMA weight division. Lives a fast and luxurious lifestyle with no rules. He has it all, or so it seems. After a DUI results in a car crash, Damien loses everything he thought was dear to him. He’s then forced to confront the demons of his past, mainly the ghost of his father.

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"Wake Up" is a film that showcases the multifaceted talent of Jamaal Fields-Green. Shot in the vibrant and bustling city of Chicago in 2019, Fields-Green directed, produced, and starred in the film, demonstrating his broad range of skills. His leadership extended to directing two other dancers/actors, guiding their performances to align with his vision for the film.

Project Description: To be Black in America. Through poetry, dance, music and cinema, this piece depicts the black experience in a country built on systemic racism.

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2023 saw Fields-Green in New York once again for his film "The Trick". This time, he took on the roles of director and producer, focusing his energies behind the camera. He directed one actor in this project, using his skills to shape a performance that would resonate with audiences. The time of release is yet to be determined as this project is currently in production, promising more exciting details to come.

Project Description: A clown searches to find his meaning in the world. He’s true to his craft, but he’s just waiting for the world to catch up. In a black and white world, he seeks to add some color. But life rarely goes as planned.

Choir Boy Photo by Christopher Ash

Photo by Christopher Ash